Slider Presentations

  • One of the items on a web page that is currently the rage is a slider presentation. It takes up valuable real estate, but often contains eye-catching information. Should you use it on your site? SitePoint had a recent article, and it rightly pointed out several negatives. One, it can be hugely distracting to the visitor, make a page slow to load, and drive people away. The very thing you're trying to prevent. Sliders can be useful on some sites. Visit to see how a slider can be used to draw people in. It serves a purpose to the overall message of the site. But if you're using it because everyone else does, you may be surprised that it's not fulfilling its purpose and indeed frustrates the visitor.

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  • Heather Earley
    Heather Earley We have sliders on our Easycove site. I like them - but, if they are too fast (which I think ours are) they can definitely be distracting. They are eye catching. Would love the link to site point to read their thoughts...
    March 26, 2014